massage and acupuncture for stiff shoulders in Obihiro

Acupuncture and moxibustion have been attracting attention as one of the solutions to one of the most common problems of modern people.

Acupuncture and moxibustion is a treatment method to relieve pain and symptoms by improving blood circulation and nerve function through the application of thin needles or warm moxa to specific acupuncture points on the body.

Acupuncture has been practiced traditionally in China and Japan since ancient times, and in recent years, acupuncture and moxibustion have been increasingly integrated with Western medicine. So, what exactly are the benefits of receiving acupuncture for stiff shoulders? Let’s take a look at the details below.

First of all, there are various causes of stiff shoulders, but in general, they include the following

Poor posture due to long hours at a desk or operating a smartphone causes tension in the neck and shoulder muscles.

Disturbance of the autonomic nervous system due to stress or fatigue, resulting in constriction of blood vessels and poor blood flow.

Muscle weakness and loss of flexibility in joints and muscles due to aging and lack of exercise.

Acupuncture treatment varies from person to person. Effects and sensations vary from person to person, and it is not always possible to achieve results in a single session. Consult with an acupuncturist for the appropriate number of times and at the appropriate intervals.

Acupuncture treatment can be hard on the body. After treatment, be sure to hydrate and rest well.

If you suffer from stiff shoulders, try acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture treatment has a positive effect not only on stiff shoulders but also on overall health. Get rid of stiff shoulders and lead a comfortable life!

Established in 1976. We offer Yin-Yang Tai Chi acupuncture treatment, which was developed by the first director, Masako Yoshikawa. It is a skin-friendly treatment that does not require needles. We treat not only stiff shoulders and back pain, but also ophthalmologic disorders and various other conditions.

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